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Globus Oberammergau Tours

Since 1634, the people of a small German village of Oberammergau have been performing the story of Jesus Christ on stage... The Passion Play, which has been performed since the first generation of performers who vowed to celebrate the final period of Christ's life for all time if God saved their village from the Bubonic Plague. The inhabitants of this quaint village who have performed the play through the centuries, prepare by growing their own hair and beards out completely to ready themselves for what has been called a Superb performance!

Be one of the few who get to experience The Passion Play in all its splendor... A Globus Passion Play tour will have you seeing the The Oberammergau Passion Play from First Class Seats and having you staying overnight at a centrally located hotel.

The Passion Play may be a ways off, BUT Globus Passion Play Packages have already gone on sale! Globus Oberammergau packages will only be available between May 2020 thru September 2020, and they're only two (2) departure dates per month, so reserve your space NOW!

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