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Globus Italy Tours

Ancient Ruins, Dante Alighieri, The Sistine Chapel, and Venice's Canals can all be seen and experienced on a 2018 Globus Italy Tour... Imagine waking up in a centrally located hotel, walking steps away from The Spanish Steps or St. Mark's Square! A Globus Italy Tour provides 4 & 5 star centrally located accommodations in every city so that you may be able to wander around on your own during your leisure time there. Pick up an espresso and a pastry on your way to the Piazza Novonna to sit a people watch; it's the best!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better on a Globus tour of Italy, wait until you experience the differences between northern and southern cooking... On a 2018 Globus Tour, you'll be able to taste the differences when you experience dinner at one of the many local restaurants accommodating you and your Globus group!

Finally, sightseeing on a Globus tour is taken to a whole new level of experience when you visit popular sights such as The Vatican as a VIP... There is no waiting in long lines in the middle of summer where it's 102 degrees in the shade. You will be bypassing the crowds as if you were rock stars on vacation being lead by the pope himself! There's no rushing of any kind when you enter as you will be wearing headphones capable of distances of up to 300 feet of perfect audio. You'll be able to listen to your guide as if he or she were next to you.

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