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Globus France Tours

Traveling to France means diving into French Culture beginning with Art, Cuisine, and last but not least Architecture... French culture begins with Paris aka City of Lights, which is very different from the rest of France. Paris, which is known for its romaticism is one of the largest cities in Europe. However, a trip to France with out exploring everything else outside the city of lights is not a trip at all, which is why a 2018 Globus France Tour is so important!

A Globus France Tour will take you from the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera to historical Normandy and St. Emilion to ejoy some wine tasting! Overnight in a French Chateaux, visit the abbey in Mont St. Michel or join a candlelight procession in Lourdes.

Globus France Tours are filled with opportunities to experience delicious cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, fabulous wines, and historical sites. Take a Globus tour of France to explore Paris and so much more!

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